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First descent video of Oregon Falls with behind the scenes

From the great people over at the Born Out There – First Ascent blog here is a wonderfully done video of Jesse Coombs doing a first successful descent of Abiqua Falls in Oregon. The video was done up by talented Photography Lucas Gilman.

The results are amazing and Lucas threw in a little behind the scenes of how they shot it and what gear they used. As a teaser some of the gear they used were Nikon D7000′s!

~ William

The little camera that could

If the new Red Epic is the high end of the filmmaking world then the iPhone would be on the opposite end of the spectrum. As I and others will tell you it’s not about the camera or gear it’s about you, your vision, your creativity. Last year South Korean directory Park Chan-wook announced his project of filming a 30 minute thriller titled Paranmanjang or as it’s being billed “Night Fishing”. The interesting side to this story is the entire movie, to include behind the scenes and interviews were shot with an iPhone 4.

Out and About Photography: What is this anyway?

So you have seen my posts of late that I titled “Out and About Photography:”. Now maybe you have been wondering what the heck is this, has he lost his mind? It is a personal project of mine to take photographs of objects, people, or whatever as I am out and about during the day. I am using it to keep my creative side oiled and maintained. Plus it is just darn fun!

So I hope you will enjoy the photography I found out there as I am out wondering around. If you have any suggestions drop them in the comments below or drop me a message.

What will I find on my next excursion, Out and About!?

~ William

Out and About Photography: The robot in the window

Toy Robot

Toy robot in the window at the Main Street Mercantile.

Out and About Photography: The Dog Park

Roxy at the dog park

Our friends dog Roxy having a great time at the dog park.

Out and About Photography: The Old Phone

Old School Phone

Something you don't see anymore, an old school phone.

One life told with 6,697 photos

What if you tried to take a photo every day of your life until you died. There are those that try to do 365 projects where they try to take a photo every day for one year. Heck even that sounds daunting let alone trying to do one every day of your life!

I was talking with my buddy Mike and he told me of this web article he read about a guy who took a photo every day until he died. Now you need to know something about Mike, he’s a hardcore journal keeper. I’m not just talking about someone who writes a few lines here and there. I once helped Mike move and as we were clearing out his closet he pulled out a box that was loaded with large desk calendars. I’m talking like the monster 22″x17″ calendars. On every day of every month on all the calendars Mike had written special memories from that day. I have never seen anything like it before, it was truly amazing! When I asked Mike about it he was like “yep, all my memories are here. I write them down so I can remember what happened on this day during this year”. To this day Mike keeps his journal religiously, about all the trips we take, all the little moments in his life. Today his journal is electronic and he is always asking me for photos I’ve taken during trips we’ve done together. Whether they are shots of him or just memories from the day. He puts them in his journal to help him tell the story and remember the day.

So when Mike told me about this story, the story of the man who took a photo every day of his life until he died, I knew it was special. Mike shared with me the link to the story and I have to say it was truly moving.

The story is of Jamie Livingston who on March 31, 1979, when he was a senior at Bard College, began taking one Polaroid photo every day. The photographs that he took not only recorded his life but the changes in the city he called home, New York. Later in his life they recorded his fight with cancer, his marriage and finally his remaining days until his death on October 25, 1997. For those mathematicians out there, or for those who are more like me and need a calculator, that’s 6,697 Polaroids.

I have always envied people like Mr. Livingston or my buddy Mike. People who can commit to doing something every day, to keep it up. These are the people who record the changes in our society and world. These are the people that in some futuristic Ken Burns’ style documentary movie about our time will be quoted or their photographs used to tell, not only their story, but our story.

Check out these links for more deets on Jamie Livingston’s story.

The Mental Floss

New York Times Story

Web site of Mr. Livingston’s photos

~ William

Out and About Photography: Hanging Out

"Purdue Photography Club"

Mike after Purdue Photography Club Meeting

"Purdue Photography Club"

Mike Posing at Purdue Photography Club Meeting

Social Media: Understand and Connect with Your Audience

Social media, whether you want to believe it or not, is here to stay and any business that isn’t using it or not effectively using it will be in trouble.  There are a thousand things I could say on this subject but instead I’m going to let Sara Lingafelter have the stage.  Sara is the social media specialist for REI and all around awesome person.  She is an avid climber and runs the web site  Look her up on twitter at @theclimbergirl.

Sara was asked to present at the January Outdoor Retailer Winter Market.  The above video was her presentation on the subject of social media and how those in the Outdoor Industry can better understand and connect with their audience.  Even though her focus here is the Outdoor Industry there are messages that apply to any business or field.

No matter what career field you are in, whether your a small or large business,  I highly recommend taking the time to watch Sara’s presentation.  If you are serious about using social media and learning all you can it’s a must watch in your education process.

~ William

Your Time and Talent Are Not Free

A question I am asked often and one we all face in the photography community is how much do I charge for my services, my time and my creative talent.  When a photographer is first starting out this can be a very challenging question to answer.  There are no set standards of pricing in the photography business which makes figuring this out even more challenging.  So to help those out there in trying to figure some of this out let me give you some great reference links and a few of my thoughts.