Exploring a lost era

Route 66 Sign Tucumcari, NM

Route 66 Sign Tucumcari, NM

I have been spending the last few days hanging out in Tucumcari New Mexico. I’m out here working on a project that I will give deets on soon. While we have had some downtime we went exploring this historic little town that is snuggled in-between Amarillo Texas and Albuquerque New Mexico. At one time this was a major stop and way point for travelers along the famous Route 66 which runs right through the middle of town.

DINO MISSION 18-HR Adventure Race: Prepping Gear

Gear Prep

Prepping Gear for 2011 DINO MISSION 18-HR AR

It’s spring, the flowers are blooming, the trees are sprouting lovely green leaves and the warmth of summer is returning. It also means it is time for adventure racing to return and time for me to get busy. There have already been a few AR’s taking place around the country but the first one for me to photograph is coming up this weekend.

In a hole, in the ground, there lived a Hobbit… at 48fps!

Okay, so I’m going to super geek out with this one. As with many out there when growing up I had read the Hobbit and the entire Lord of the Rings Trilogy; and as many out there I was super stoked when Peter Jackson dared to take what was sacred and transform them to the big screen.

First descent video of Oregon Falls with behind the scenes

From the great people over at the Born Out There – First Ascent blog here is a wonderfully done video of Jesse Coombs doing a first successful descent of Abiqua Falls in Oregon. The video was done up by talented Photography Lucas Gilman.

The results are amazing and Lucas threw in a little behind the scenes of how they shot it and what gear they used. As a teaser some of the gear they used were Nikon D7000′s!

~ William

Out and About Photography: World under the bridge

Under The Bridge

Under the bridge in downtown Indy by Roberts Camera Store

The little camera that could

If the new Red Epic is the high end of the filmmaking world then the iPhone would be on the opposite end of the spectrum. As I and others will tell you it’s not about the camera or gear it’s about you, your vision, your creativity. Last year South Korean directory Park Chan-wook announced his project of filming a 30 minute thriller titled Paranmanjang or as it’s being billed “Night Fishing”. The interesting side to this story is the entire movie, to include behind the scenes and interviews were shot with an iPhone 4.

Out and About Photography: What is this anyway?

So you have seen my posts of late that I titled “Out and About Photography:”. Now maybe you have been wondering what the heck is this, has he lost his mind? It is a personal project of mine to take photographs of objects, people, or whatever as I am out and about during the day. I am using it to keep my creative side oiled and maintained. Plus it is just darn fun!

So I hope you will enjoy the photography I found out there as I am out wondering around. If you have any suggestions drop them in the comments below or drop me a message.

What will I find on my next excursion, Out and About!?

~ William

Out and About Photography: The robot in the window

Toy Robot

Toy robot in the window at the Main Street Mercantile.

Out and About Photography: The Dog Park

Roxy at the dog park

Our friends dog Roxy having a great time at the dog park.

Out and About Photography: The Old Phone

Old School Phone

Something you don't see anymore, an old school phone.